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WCAG Assessment

We conducted a review and a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) assessment on the existing Revalidation service. Below is a list of all the items found in our assessment that were not WCAG compliant, they should be changed in order to achieve a AA WCAG rating. A short solution of how to fix each item is shown in brackets.


Errors (22)

  • 21 x empty form label (Ensure that the form label contains text that describes the function of the associated form control)

  • 1 x empty table header (Provide text within the cell that describes the column or row)

Alerts (2)

  • 1 x missing first level heading (Place the main heading in a <h1> element)

  • 1 x redundant title text (Remove title attribute or provide advisory information to title text)

Structural Elements (25)

  • 1 x data table (Ensure the table contains tabular data, not page layout data)

  • 11 x column header cell (Ensure each cell is a header cell and column header)

  • 1 x heading level 2 (Ensure the text is a heading and is structured properly <h1><h2><hN>)

  • 1 x ordered list (Ensure a numbered list is appropriate for the content)

  • 7 x unordered list (Ensure a bulleted list is appropriate for the content)

  • 4 x navigation (Ensure the element defines page navigation)

Contrast Errors (0)

  • N/A

Features (35)

  • 1 x linked image with alternative text (Ensure the alternative text conveys the content of the image or the function of the link)

  • 34 x form label (Ensure the label is accurate, descriptive and succinct, and that it is associated with the correct form control element)

ARIA (66)

  • 1 x ARIA (Ensure ARIA is used correctly, use regular HTML if not)

  • 34 x ARIA label (Ensure the label value is accurate and descriptive)

  • 2 x ARIA tab-index (Ensure the tabindex is being used correctly and can only be navigated using the keyboard)

  • 9 x ARIA hidden (Ensure the content is intended to be hidden, make visible if content is a form of navigation)

  • 11 x ARIA expanded (Ensure ARIA expanded is being used correctly, only buttons with expandable content)

  • 9 x ARIA pop-up (Ensure the element triggers the ARIA menu)